Attract Clients Through Habit

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Being a successful life coach and learning to attract clients is something you really have to be committed to. You have to be professional in your approach. You have to really embrace what you set out to do.

You can't dilly dally around with your business. You can't let fear get in the way of finding clients. Professionals don't do that. But so many coaches don't spend time actually talking with people, making a difference for them, and enrolling them in their programs. Instead, they are doing nothing or off doing lots of other activities like getting their brochures or getting graphic design work done so they can avoid talking to people.

If you want to master anything, you just have to follow the simple recipe for success of repetitive habitual committed practice. Over and over. Lots of failing. Lots of imperfection. Lots of doing it awkwardly at first, then mechanically and then naturally. Just like a baby learns how to walk.

The same is true if you want to master life coaching. You have to learn to master finding clients and overcoming your fears. You have to begin and be willing to be imperfect. You have to keep practicing continually.

You must learn to master only a few basic skills in the beginning as a life coach. These skills are foundational. You must learn to master your fears and learn how to sell and enroll people into your coaching. If you can't do this, you won't succeed. Please divert all of your energy into focusing on these two areas. Keep practicing. No matter how imperfectly you do it. Just keep practicing until you master these habits.

The next step is to evaluate where you spend your time and be ready to commit to action. If you don't do much with your time right now in regards to coaching, it's probably because of fear. You can learn to master these as well with time and practice.

Now you must begin mastering these skills. Fear can't stop you if you're committed to mastering these habits. Think about it for a moment. Would you ever worry or be afraid about not being able to walk one day or failing at walking or tripping and falling on your face? No! Because you've mastered those skills. You trust in your ability to walk. And you learned how to walk with time because you didn't used to be a natural. You can do the same with coaching. You can learn to trust your ability and be confident in your skill of selling, if you are committed to the discipline of coaching and to attract clients.
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Attract Clients Through Habit

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This article was published on 2010/11/28