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In my house the clock in the bedroom often say that it is 1pm while the one in the kitchen says it is 1:15 and the dvd player in the living room flashes 12. This is not really that unusual and now I consider it my watch says it is ten minutes until 1. For me it is not a big problem. If it bothered me I could go around and reset them to a master time but in just a few days each would again tell a different story. There are many places where a system is needed to synchronize time between many clocks. These types of places such as hospitals and bus depots can not afford to have several clocks that have different times. They need a master clock system.

What is a master clock system

It is a system that keep time between multiple clocks on the same system. The way it works is a master clock provides timing signals so that other known as slave clocks will all keep the same time. Most places that have a system use a quartz crystal oscillator. They are often set to an external frequency standard that is part of the world wide timekeeping system. Some of these systems operate as hard wired systems where all of them are actually connected while others function on a radio wave.

Who Uses this system

Master clock systems are used by schools, office buildings, railway stations, airports, and especially hospitals. Master systems are very important to any system that requires that the same time be perfectly kept throughout.

Computerized master clock systems

Some companies have even begun to get rid of the bulkier systems and switching to a computer based one. By using any open serial port on a computer they are not only able to synchronize time but also set timers, buzzers, and alarms with a simple software program.

How to set a them

The beauty of a master clock system is that in order to set it you really only need to set one clock. When Can you imagine if you had to reset the thousands of clocks in a school a couple of times a year? I was a child I assumed the janitors where very busy at daylight saving time setting all them. To set the master system you simply set the master and the slaves will follow. Sometimes it requires you to turn the hands on the face of an anolog clock and sometimes just push a few buttons on a digital ones.

Master clock systems have been in place working behind the scenes since the early 1900s. They are invaluable to hospitals, factories, bus depots and anywhere else a large number of them must be set to the same time.

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Master Clock System

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This article was published on 2010/10/18