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What are master clocks?

They are modern time management gadgets which serve as the the control to synchronize all the secondary, or sometimes called slave clocks, bells and other electrical circuits. You want a timer for your sprinkler? How about security locks for your doors and gates? Master clocks can do the job.

Are they easy to install?

Yes. Although most manufacturers offer free installation upon purchase, you can install them on your own. You can also call a hotline number when you need some further instructions or if you encounter some snag. Programming, however, is a breeze by just following step-by-step the manual that comes with the equipment. There are also optional GPS or Ethernet inputs so the master clock is in sync with the official national time.

So I can just any master clock right?

It depends on what you need. There are many types for every occasion. There are ones that can be calibrated to synchronize the bells in campuses, for example, or a blend of bell and the master control for all the secondary wall clocks. The best ones can be programmed to ring bells eight times a day. There are master clocks that rely solely on internal systems to tell the time while others are connected to a transmitter or linked with a satellite for auto-correction of time. Both systems are accurate and it shouldn't be a problem if you choose one over the other, depending on your needs.

How about if I have an existing system, do I have to replace all of my clocks?

Not at all. If you are on a budget and you can't purchase the whole system, you can buy the master clock first and connect it to your existing system. American Time & Signal Company, for example, has a product it calls YMP Plus Series which can be a good replacement because of its adaptability to any wiring system. It also comes with automatic correction for Daylight Saving Time or Leap Year.

Where can I buy one?

If you don't know any supplier. The Internet is your best bet. You can buy online through a number of manufacturers. Be sure to deal only with reputable companies, read the reviews and the fine print. Consider the warranties, lifespan, availability of service centers near your area, technical support and customer service before consider buying one.

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Q and A on Master Clocks

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This article was published on 2010/12/17